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Single on Valentine's Day....

Blogging with Chrys!


Girl it's not the end of the world if you don't have a date for Valentine's day, trust me! Instead, look at it as being a great time to treat and love on yourself. There's so many things you can do on Valentine's Day as a single woman, and I want to share some ideas with you beautiful!

  • Take yourself out for brunch and or dinner

  • Grab some wine and chocolate and watch movies

  • Make it a complete self care day

  • Go on a quick getaway

  • Catch up on some much needed rest

  • Check out local events in your city and GO!

In general there's absolutely nothing wrong with being single! What a blessing it is to have time to yourself to focus on you, your mental, your health, your work and or business goals, your finances, and so much more! Take full advantage of being SINGLE, and don't let society or social media cheat you out of that!

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